Even though we are more connected than ever, a genuine connection can be hard to come by. Kevin Butcher says that one of the main reasons we are so disconnected is because we’ve forgotten how to be honest and vulnerable with each other.

“It’s not by accident that the first command the Apostle Paul gives the body of Christ is stop lying to one another. Tell the truth to one another because you’re members of one another.”

When sin entered the world, we began to lie and hide the truth from one another out of fear.

“We started running away, we started pointing at each other. So we must, by faith, begin to take that mask off and open up to one another.”

While that might seem like a frightening prospect. Kevin says we might be pleased with what we find when we do.

“You know what we’ll find? Folk around us will be going, you too? I didn’t have the courage to tell you my truth, but now that you’ve told me your truth, can I tell you what the enemy has been working on me with?”

Where two or more are gathered, Jesus is present, binding up the brokenhearted.

“When brothers and sisters turn towards each other, Jesus says, I am there. What’s He there for? He’s there to heal us. But if we don’t take that mask off, if we continue to hide, we’ve got a bunch of church goers with no power, shut down by our addictions.”

Kevin encourages all Christians to take the risk to tell someone the real truth about their heart and their life.

“You don’t have to shout it from the pulpit, but take the risk with a few close people. Start taking the risk to tell your real truth. I’m telling you, at that point, the enemy turns tail and starts to run, because when the truth is told, he doesn’t have any more power in that situation.”

Kevin Butcher is the lead pastor of Hope Community Church of Detroit.

Key Scripture: John 13:34-35

Featured Songs: How He Loves – Crowder; We Fall Down – Steven Curtis Chapman; Jesus King of Angels – Fernando Ortega

Genuine Relationships

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