Does your relationship with God feel real?

Brian Hardin says we need to reframe our faith journey with an ever-present God.

Many people say they don’t understand how to have a relationship with God. However, most people don’t realize that its much like having a relationship with a loved one.

When we love and value someone we spend time nourishing our relationship with them. We spend time with them to strengthen the bond. If we want to be in a relationship with God, the same principle applies.

“You can’t call something a relationship that’s not life-giving to both people.”

Think about the person in your life that cares about you the most. Did you know that God cares about you even more than that person?

“He’s even more invested in the relationship than any other person could possibly be, not just because He created us, but because He’s willing to die for us.”

God allows us to make the choice to love Him or not. He doesn’t force us to love Him because if He did, it wouldn’t be love at all.

“Love isn’t love if there’s no way out. This is a collaborative thing that God wants with us, something that we’re walking through moment by moment enjoying fellowship.”

If we hope to have a relationship with God, we should be intentional about spending time with Him in His Word and in prayer. God won’t force his way in, but He will wait patiently for us to receive Him.

“What else does He have to do to prove that He’s faithful and loves us?”

God loves you enough to send His Son to die for your sins. It is up to each one of us to receive the free gift He offers to us.

“This is the love we’re looking for and we’ve been scratching at life to find and it’s right here.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 139; John 5:39-40

Highlight : Do you know Him?

Knowing God, or knowing about God?

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