When was the last time you felt passionate – or even desperate – about your need for God? Maybe it’s been awhile, or maybe you’ve never even been desperate for God.

According to Pastor Jeff Kinley, desperation is a key aspect of the Christian life, specifically in worship.

He uses the story of the woman and her possessed daughter in Mark 7 as a model for desperation in the worship of God.

“The woman’s daughter had a evil spirit. She kept coming to the disciples and they turned her away, but she kept coming back. Finally, Jesus said, ‘let the children eat all they want, it’s not right to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.’ At first that sounds like an insult, but Jesus was basically saying He had come to minister to the Jewish nation. Her response got the attention of the Son of God when she said, ‘Lord, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.’”

Jeff sees this statement as a powerful declaration of desperation and faith on the part of the woman.

“She was so motivated, she was so desperate for God to heal her daughter, and she had no doubt in her mind that Jesus could do that. She knew who He was; She knew what He could do. She was submissive to Him, but she was tenacious as well.”

It’s so easy to depend on everything else the world has to offer, but in reality, the only One worth depending on is God.

“’God, unless you come through for me, I’m going to die. I can’t do this by myself, you are the only bet I can have.’ To me, it’s like breathing. You can hold your breath for a while and it might get uncomfortable, but after awhile, you’re going to have to exhale, because you are desperate for air.”

Jeff says we need that same desperation in the church today.

“We need Christians who aren’t just slithering into church on Sunday mornings; we need Christians who are coming in, gasping for air, gasping for fellowship, gasping for the Word of God, gasping for worship and song. That’s the kind of desperation that’s going to change the world and it has to begin in the church.”

Desperate for God

Author and speaker Jeff Kinley empowers people with vintage truth. He is the author of 20 books and founding pastor of Vintagenxt, a  Christian faith community in the Historic Hillcrest District of Little Rock, AR. Jeff’s writing style uniquely connects this generation with vintage truth, and he personally engages them when he speaks. He speaks at conferences and retreats for youth, young adults, men and parents.

Key Scripture: Isaiah 40:21-25

Featured Songs: The King of the World – Natalie Grant; The War is Over – Bethel Music; Catch the Wind – Bethel Music

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