“It’s an important role and responsibility of angels that they fight on behalf of God’s Kingdom. the advance of God’s Kingdom, and the protection of God’s family and God’s people.”

Pastor Jack Graham says that angels are not always what we think they are.

“Angels are not your fairy godmother, they’re not a Disney princess. They are mighty, spiritual, powerful beings. One of my favorite views of an angel is at the end of days when Satan is going to be put in the pit, God sends an angel with a lock and key and to put Satan in the pit.”

We might think that an entire legion of angels is necessary to put Satan away for good, but not so.

“Of all of the disaster that Satan has created, all of the hell that he has unleashed on earth and below the earth, we know he is powerful, but when it comes time to lock him up, God just sends one angel.”

Angels are strong and powerful, not passive.

“These are not cuddly cherubs that you sit on your bedstead, they are often seen in Scripture as executing God’s judgment on the earth.”

Pastor Graham references many times in Scripture where God brings judgement to mankind in the form of an angel.

“You see in the Garden of Eden when judgment came upon a mankind in the fall of Adam and Eve, God posted an angel there. In Egypt an angel of death came through to pass judgement.”

Christians have divine protection from this world in the form of angels.

“God has promised the protection of angels to his children, so we don’t need to be afraid. One of the angel messages that you hear again and again even at the birth of Christ is don’t be afraid, fear not, I bring you good tidings of great joy. So we can live in faith and without fear because we know the angels have our back.”

Jack Graham is the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church. He can be heard across the country and throughout the world on PowerPoint Ministries a weekly radio broadcast. Jack and his wife Deb live in Frisco, Texas and have three grown children.

Key Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6

Featured Songs: More Than Conquerors – Steven Curtis Chapman; The God I Know – Love & the Outcome; Trust in You – Lauren Daigle

Highlight: Angels fight for us

Angels Fight For Us

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