What does your self talk sound like? What thought-pattern is on repeat in your head?

I’ll go first.

When I’m tired, overworked, or under-rested, my default-thoughts tend to go this way:

You don’t know your neighbors well enough. You’re a bad neighbor.

You don’t bring meals to those in need enough. You’re a bad servant. And a bad cook.

Why don’t you know how to cook? You’re not much of a woman.

You don’t let others get too close to you. Some Christian you are.

It’s hard for me to even say these things out loud, let alone put them out on the world-wide-web. But I wasn’t the only one who admitted to the constant feeling of not-enoughness, or of too-muchness. Many listeners called with their own stories and we walked in the light together. It was a good day.

Not-enoughness and too-muchness. Aren’t those the two accusations the enemy most often levels against us? Why do we put up with it? If his aim is to steal, kill, and destroy, why aren’t we quicker to recognize his thievery in our own lives? I think it’s because we agree with him much of the time. What he says about us oftentimes feels true about us. Wouldn’t you say?

But here’s what’s actually true: You’re not the sum of your past mistakes. You’re not the accumulation of your grand achievements. You’re not your family tree. You’re not your flaws. You’re not even your virtues. You’re a masterpiece made by God Himself. You’re someone He loves. You’re someone He cared enough about to create, redeem, and establish for the earth today. You’re prized, loved, accepted, called, equipped, and sent. You’re blessed to be a blessing.

Need biblical proof? Here’s some:

You are alive in Christ and forgiven of your sins (Colossians 2:13).

Say it: I am alive in Christ Jesus, totally and completely forgiven of my sin! I will not let my past speak to me except to teach me! I am fully alive in Christ!

You are NOT condemned for your past mistakes and sins. The law of the Spirit of God has set you free from the law of sin and death (Romans 8:1-2).

Say it: I refuse any condemnation the enemy throws my way! I am free from the law of sin and death! I am loved, forgiven, and free!

You have the Spirit of the Living God within you to help you discern who you are and what you posses in Christ Jesus (1 Corinthians 2:12).

Say it: I am full of the power of the Holy Spirit within me! He opens my eyes—more and more everyday—so I can understand and grasp all that belongs to me because I belong to Jesus! I grow daily in the knowledge of God because His Spirit lives in me!

We could do this all day (and in truth, some days we need to), but I think you get the point! I’d say it’s time to declare war on our negative self-talk. How about we shut down the lies and make more space in our heads and in our hearts for what’s so beautifully true about us?

When we change the way we think, it’ll affect the way we speak. And as we begin to speak like God’s promises are true, our lives will begin to catch up.

Declaring war on negative self-talk

A portion of this post was adapted from Susie’s book, .

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2 Responses to "Declaring war on negative self-talk"

  • Debra Dyer says:

    I needed this so much. Thanks you for sharing. god Bless you all.

  • Shunya says:

    Wow i ran across this on facebook and it touched me deeply i broke down in tears im battling with negative talk from what others have said around me and what i said about me but i followed what you said to say and do and its working especially for a young person like me 🙂 thank you so much and may god continue to bless you

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