Highlight: Are there rewards in heaven?

“There’s only a certain number of hours, days, and weekends that we get to live on this earth.”

Pastor Gunnar Johnson says that if we are believers our eternity is secure, but is a life lived for God more than just insurance from hell?

“Eternity is secure, but there are rewards, there are things that we can earn for all of eternity. This life that we’re living right now is our opportunity to earn things for eternity. I don’t want to look back on my life for all of eternity and wish I had had the courage to really live for Christ.”

When we live for Christ and His calling on our lives instead of living for ourselves, we store up treasures in heaven.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to say I wish I would I have a nicer car when I’m looking back from eternity.  I think I’m going to be sad about the kingdom opportunities that I could have taken advantage of that I just simply didn’t have the faith to do.”

Scripture is very clear that reward is a real part of eternity.

“Throughout Scripture we are encouraged that God is a generous giver. Why would He not have rewards for us? That’s a common concept all through Scripture.”

According to Gunnar, the hard part is preventing ourselves from falling prey to materialism and idolatry.

“We get so fascinated with the temporal things that really don’t matter. We lose sight of the eternal things that have an eternal significance.”

If we are willing to be silent, and spend time with the Lord, He will help us see the truth.

“He will show us, He will teach us, and He will coach us how we can maximize our life, getting our finances in order, building the margin we need to have maximum impact for eternity and that’s a whole lot more fun than just the temporal.”

Gunnar Johnson serves as the Executive Pastor of Financial Stewardship at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Gunnar loves cycling and skateboarding. He and his wife Missy have been married since June 1996 and live in Trophy Club, Texas.

Key Scripture: Matthew 6:24

Featured Songs: Never Stop – Urban Rescue; Song of My Father – Urban Rescue; Magnificent – Urban Rescue

The generous life journey

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