Highlight: Think with your heart

How important is what is in your heart? It may be guiding and influencing your thoughts, actions and beliefs more than credited.

 “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” Proverbs 23:7

Pastor Leon Fontaine explains what it means to think with your heart, not your head.

“I found out how you have to establish your heart. How God looks at the heart, how the heart is something that we actually can control. I found out that the head has fleeting thoughts, beliefs, emotions, but the heart can be established in false doctrine or real doctrine. It can be established in fear or in faith.”

The belief systems of our hearts dictate much of what we think, say, and do, for good or for bad.

“When people are growing up, the beliefs that go into our heart are placed there by our parents, our teachers, by things that happen to us. We form these identity lies and we form beliefs that I call misbeliefs and then the rest of our life we live them out.”

Pastor Leon compares our heart to the autopilot of a plane.

“When the coordinates have been pushed in the plane stays on track whether you pull it off or not.  It will always go back to the coordinates of the autopilot.”

This explains why behavior modification as a way of avoiding sin doesn’t work. Until the heart changes, thoughts, actions and words will always revert back to the patterns of the heart.

“Underneath our conscious, we call it subconscious, are beliefs we don’t know we have. And as I begin to study the Word I found verses like guard your heart because it determines the forces that flow out of your life. Then I begin to find in the New Testament that a good man could release from the good treasures of his heart release good things.

The heart is the deciding factor after all. Is your heart in need of reconditioning?

Leon Fontaine is the senior pastor of Springs Church, one of the largest interdenominational churches in Canada, with six campuses across two provinces. He is CEO of Miracle Channel, Canada’s only 24-hour Christian family network, and host of The Leon Show, a daily interview program that airs in 150 countries. He also writes weekly articles in the Winnipeg Sun newspaper and the Calgary Sun.

Key Scripture: Proverbs 23:7

Featured Songs: Chain Breaker – Zach Williams; You Are the One – Lincoln Brewster; Spirit of the Living God – Meredith Andrews

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