Where are you looking to find God’s purpose? 

If we spend our time looking in the wrong places for God’s purpose for our lives, we can begin to believe that we are not meant to know. That is what actor T.C. Stallings believed,

“I thought that really couldn’t be answered. I thought it was something you couldn’t know. I thought you just had to go by faith with the Lord; that you’re kind of in the dark.”

After wrestling with purpose early on in his walk with the Lord, T.C. felt convicted of not looking to God for the answers.

“I realized that I wasn’t going to Scripture enough and really trusting the Bible to answer every question about my life.”

Scripture says there is a path already laid out for us and it is the best place we can be.

“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.”

After spending time meditating on Psalm 139:16, TC realized needed to ask the Lord to help him walk in the path that was already laid out for him,

“It’s very simple, if the Lord planned my days out, moment by moment, before I was born, that means I can ask Him about that. I didn’t write my own life, so I don’t even know what my tomorrow holds. The wisest thing for me to do is just follow You.”

TC then began to boldly ask God for wisdom to discerning his next steps.

“You just start asking Him, all these questions that you usually ask other people.”

Why doesn’t God show us our entire story so we know what to expect?

“It’s the safest, smartest, wisest, most peaceful existence we could have to just let the author of your life help you live out the pages.”

Key Scripture: Matthew 5:16, Daniel 12:3

Highlight: Does God have a purpose for your life?

Passionately pursuing God’s purpose for your life

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