Mark Merrill recently listed 7 things husbands can change in their interactions with their wives. Today he shares seven things wives should stop doing in their marriages.

1. Don’t put others before your husband.

“I would suggest from a Scriptural perspective that other than God, your spouse needs to be your top priority. Spend time with him.”

2. Don’t expect your husband to be your girlfriend.

“It doesn’t mean that we can’t have an intimate relationship. It just means I can’t be her girlfriend. Let him do it on his terms – if you want him to be the leader in your home, allow him to be the leader in your home.”

3. Don’t dishonor your husband.

Don’t criticize, condescend to, or correct your spouse in public.

4. Don’t use sex to bargain with your husband.

“It happens in very subtle ways. A husband is sometimes left to feel like he has to earn it – if he’s done the dishes, if he’s meeting my needs, if he’s [speaking] my love language… it’s saying that this is a performance-based relationship.”

5. Stop giving your husband a long-term to-do list.

Mark suggests short, sweet, and to the point.

6. Don’t make your husband earn your respect.

“Respect is not a conditional command. It’s not earned; it should be freely given.” Mark points out that for a man, questioning his judgment or his abilities is the same as stripping him of his manhood.

7. Don’t expect your husband to be Prince Charming.

“No husband is perfect and no husband is the Prince Charming of your dreams. He’s going to make mistakes. He’s going to disappoint you. We have to be real about it. It doesn’t mean we can’t be excited and have a romantic relationship; we just have to be real about it.”

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7 things wives should stop doing

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