“Every attack from the enemy brings with it a divine invitation from the hand and the heart of God to know by experience what love does.”

When you’re under spiritual attack, what is your first response?

Leighann McCoy has written extensively about spiritual warfare. In her new book Spiritual Warfare for Your Family, she charges us to become prayer warriors by actively covering our family. If we say we follow Jesus, we can expect opposition as we step out in faith to protect them. But Leighann has a message for us.

“We were created to be warriors, and there’s absolutely nothing that the enemy can bring against us that can overwhelm the God who is in us.”

Spiritual oppression can be discouraging for any believer, but we come out the other side stronger than we’ve ever been. Leighann can testify to God’s provision in those seasons.

“I’m so much more confident because I’ve been in the trenches, gotten messy, gotten dirty. I’ve wrestled with Jacob. God has come through for me, but not only has He come through for me in taking care of what I thought the devil was stealing and destroying in my life, but He has also trained me and brought me to new depths of understanding of His wisdom and His love and His power.”

One of the things that has changed in Leighann’s perspective is an increased compassion and love for those who don’t know Jesus. As we master our spiritual weapons, we start to notice those who live spiritually unprotected, exposed to the elements. Once we protect ourselves and our family, we can battle on behalf of those who don’t live free in Christ.

“There are people in the world today. There are those who are all on different paths of a journey. And it’s our goal to help them take the next step toward Jesus no matter who they are.”

When we’re facing a spiritual battle, it’s an opportunity for us to step toward Jesus. How do you respond to these moments? The next time you’re experiencing discouragement, fear, or another form of oppression, ask these things of God as you pray through His Word.

“Show me what You want to do with this.”

“Show me how You want me to posture myself in this.”

“Begin to demonstrate Your power and Your love on the platform of my life as I walk through this ordeal faithfully.”

Key Scriptures: Matthew 12:20; Ephesians 6:10-16

Highlight : How to grow in the midst of warfare

Spiritual warfare for the family

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