“It’s an opportunity for you to become somebody new and for God to make you somebody new. For Him to put you into a place where you can do and be something brand new.”

When we’ve hung on to a dream and watched it die at our feet, we can feel lost, worn out, betrayed by God, or numb. Radio host Sheridan Voysey knows what that’s like. He and his wife walked a ten-year road of infertility before surrendering their dream of children to God. Sheridan tells their story in the book . He names four important things we must do when a dream dies.


“You no doubt have expended so much energy on this dream that you’re probably just exhausted and you need some rest.”

Can you take some holiday time away from daily life? If you can’t do that, take steps to reduce the amount of duties or responsibilities that you have just to create some space to rest.


What are those things that restore you, recreate you, and fill you up again? Sheridan found joy by studying works of art and beauty in nature. His wife refreshed her soul by reading. Whether it’s music, playing sports, taking up a new hobby, writing a book, take the time to discover a place of recreation.


The process releasing a dream has probably raised questions for you about God, your relationship with God, and your faith. Take a season where you can wrestle through some of those big questions with a trusted mentor or friend. Create a space for you to get renewed with God, so that you can return to a place of intimacy and trust with the One who created you.


“When you go through a broken dream you can’t become somebody; it affects your identity. [My wife] Merryn cannot become a mom; that’s an identity statement. I was no longer a broadcaster. You lose an identity when you go through a broken dream.”

Despite that sense of loss, there are also new things ahead. For Sheridan and his wife it meant picking up and moving to another country as a way to heal and start over. Now, because of their journey, they’ve entered a place of ministering to others. Your broken dream can be something that encourages others, as Sheridan and his wife have found. Many people now share their trials and stories with the Voyseys.

“That never happened when I was in broadcasting. It’s happened as a result of sharing this story.”

Key Scriptures: 1 John 3:1-2; Proverbs 13:12

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