I was thinking about the best things I can do for my boys; maybe you can do these for your kids too.

5. Teach them to be thankful.  The other day a friend of mine reminded me of all the good things that God is doing in my life and to remember to thank God daily.  It was a great reminder for me, and I think it’s a good thing to share with our kids as well. No matter what is happening, start thanking God.  He is ultimately in control and has our lives in his hands.

4. Take them on a special one-on-one trip or to an event. I try to live by this. It is something they will never forget. You might learn something too!  It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but give them your time.  It is our greatest commodity.

3. Teach them the Bible. Memorize verses together.  Share your life verse with them and tell them why it means so much to you.  Encourage them to not be overwhelmed by the Bible but to learn and read one passage at a time.  Help them know how to soak it in.  Our world is under attack by those who would want to snuff out the Gospel, so teach them the Word of God.

2. Visit with them and do what they are interested in doing.  Take their interests seriously.  Don’t always insist that they do what you are interested in.

1. Love their mom.  Bring her flowers, write her notes, and take her out on dates.  Let your kids know that they are a cherished gift from God.