Jesus said many things, but what He didn’t say can be equally powerful. Pastor Will Davis Jr. shows us ten things Jesus never said.

1. You’ve gone too far to be saved.

2. I’m so disappointed in you.

Will says this is a common one:

“When you fall, grace catches you instead of shame catching you. When the devil gets up in your face, you can say ‘Of course I’m broken. Of course I’m desperate. That’s why I need Jesus.’ You need to learn the difference between guilt and conviction. One pulls down and steals, kills, and destroys. The other pulls up and says this isn’t who you are. God doesn’t guilt you. He calls you up higher.”

3. This wouldn’t be happening if you were a better Christian.

Will says there is definitely consequence for our sin, but there are no classes of Christians in the kingdom.

4. There are some people you don’t need to love.

When people have a different political persuasion, a different religious belief, or a different culture, we can disagree without hating. Will points out that there is no place for hatred of others in the Christian life. We’re called to hate sin but love those who sin.

5.  Everyone should believe and act the way you do.

“We’ve got to give each other some room as we grow. We’re not all going to go to the same place in our discipleship. God doesn’t have the same agenda for everybody – holiness, yes. But not the same process.”

6. It’s all up to you.

7. There are some people you don’t have to forgive.

“The misconception about forgiveness is that it’s condoning [the hurt]. Forgiveness is not the same as letting someone off the hook. Forgiveness frees me and says ‘I’m no longer going to be defined by what this person did to me. I’m no longer going to be a victim.'”

8. You’ve missed My will for your life.

9. I’ve given up on you.

“We tend to think that we are dealbreakers with God. That’s not biblical.

10. This is a cross you must bear.

Highlight : Jesus never said “I’m so disappointed in you”

10 things Jesus never told you

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