Single parenthood is a growing epidemic.

Pastor Roger Lane is determined to see single mothers equipped and ministered to through the church. In Acts 6, the early church realized their widows were not being properly cared for; today’s single mothers are the church’s modern-day widows. We are called by Jesus to step up and love them well.

“They’re deserted. Who’s going to be there for them? These ladies are amazing people; they’re beautiful people. They’re God’s creation! And nobody’s watching out for them. Who’s in their corner helping them through this?”

Roger and his church were determined to bless them. They send a group of single mothers to the Dare to Dream: Single Mom’s Retreat event every year, held in Alexandria Minnesota. But they wanted to go further. One Valentine’s Day, Roger and his wife went and bought bags of chocolates and hand-delivered them to each single mother in their church, along with a hand-written note.

The results were incredible. The following Sunday women were still moved by the gesture and many cried upon seeing Roger and his wife. Roger knew it was a small gesture but each woman was blessed by the knowledge that they were not forgotten by the church or by God. The women were blessed, but it was done to show how much the church had been blessed by them. Every hardworking woman is a treasure in the body of Christ. Roger says that can’t go unnoticed.

“This was a little way that we could say thank you.”

How can you help the single mothers in your own church? Roger, along with Carol Lund, encourages each person to ask themselves how they can serve the mother sitting alone in the pew this Sunday. Whether it’s mowing her lawn, watching her kids, or paying her way to the upcoming Dare to Dream retreat on May 20-21, you can demonstrate the love of God in a tangible way to each mom.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 121; Genesis 16:13

Highlight : Tangible ways to serve single mothers

God’s heart for single mothers

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