“It’s really easy for leaders to start to think that your world only revolves around you. But at the end of the day, successful leadership is about the people closest to you actually thriving the most.”

We tend to think of leadership as a large platform and an untouchable, unaccountable top dog. Leadership consultant Brad Lomenick says true leadership is about serving rather than standing aloof. He spent ten years leading the well-known Catalyst ministry but started experiencing burnout, identity issues, and frustration behind the scenes.

“To the outside world, to speakers, to brand people, to partners, all the people on the outer concentric circles of my world – they loved Brad. They thought Brad was awesome. They’d say ‘Oh, I want to come work at Catalyst some day!’ And the people closest to me were saying ‘Well… we’re not sure that’s the story.’”

Brad eventually took a four-month sabbatical to recharge and get some perspective. His re-calibration led to his new book, . In it, he charges all of us who follow Christ to help the people around us flourish as we grow into true leaders.

One of the common hindrances to good leadership is burnout. What signs should we look for that a burnout is looming?

•  You’re more agitated than normal; things that wouldn’t bother you can sidetrack your whole day.

•  You quit celebrating small victories.

•  You find that you don’t have time for the people who helped you get there. Brad cautions us against a transactional mindset instead of relational. When we start to see people as valuable only if they can help us advance, a burnout is not far behind.

•  You feel like that the pressure of the world is upon you and you have no escape.

Brad’s last point is tied directly to rest. If we don’t have proper boundaries in place to keep our work and family life separate and strong, we can burn out in a hurry!

“The lack of Sabbath, the lack of margin, becomes this force field that makes you explode.”

In a culture that puts a high value on busyness and multi-tasking, it’s a discipline and an act of faith to rest, trusting that God will renew your strength for the tasks of the next day.

Key Scriptures: Matthew 5:16

Highlight : Avoiding burnout

3 principles of successful leadership

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