Saver. Spender. Risk-taker. Security-seeker. Flyer.

Which money personality best describes you?

Scott and Bethany Palmer, also known as The Money Couple, unpack the five money personalities and talk about how to recognize and utilize each one.

Scott says this is a journey he and Bethany took after advising dozens of couples on their budgets:

“We were looking for a way to have couples talk about money – we believe God gave us these personalities to help them understand why they view money the way they do.”

Scott and Bethany point out that the most common cause of divorce is money – we can turn that around and use money to strengthen marriages and families instead! We unpack the five money personalities and talk about how to recognize and utilize each one.

The saver.
This person loves to save money and gets an adrenaline rush from putting money away. They tend to be responsible and avoid credit card debt like the plague. Scott says, be careful not to be stingy. Learn to balance your saving tendencies with opportunities to be generous.

The spender.
For the spender, they like to take opportunities to bless others through financial gifts. The danger here is frequently breaking your budget in the name of the gift or the impulse purchase.

The risk taker.
Bethany calls them the “entrepreneurs of the world.” They’re the ones who enjoy taking a chance on an investment and watching it come to fruition, both financially and spiritually.

The security seeker.
“Someone who wants a definite plan in place.” The security seeker is responsible and likes to be prepared for every scenario. The danger here is putting all trust and faith in your budget and not looking to God to supply your needs.

The flyer.
If you identify with this, in Scott’s words, you’ll “fly by the seat of your pants” because you put relationships before money. You rarely think about money or a budget because you trust that God will provide and you don’t need to expend energy worrying.

The key in this entire discussion is to find out how you’re wired and why you look at money the way you do. When you consider how God wired you, and how your upbringing affects your view of finances, you can start to give and manage your resources in a way that honors God and the people around you.

Highlight : It’s not about the money

How do you think about money?

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