“Some of my favorite moments in life are when I walk outside and look up at the stars.”

David Frey from the band Sidewalk Prophets discusses the band’s song from their album Something Different.

David was inspired to write the song “Everything in Awe,” when he observed God’s marvelous creation, the universe, and came to the realization that everything that God created worships Him all of the time in some mysterious way.

“I started to think, the stars have to worship Him too.”

“Everything that God has made is passionate for Him and it reminded me to have perspective, to look up and to thank Him every day for the beauty that surrounds us.”

“Whether it is an ocean lullaby or the stars spinning slowly so that we can’t even tell – they are turning towards Him. It started with the universe being in awe, and then the whole wide world, and all the way to our heart and soul and every heart beat.”

This idea that had formed in his mind struck awe in his heart and mind and prompted him to write the song as his own way of worshiping and praising God.

“Stars exploding in the wake of Your love
Galaxies all turn their heads
The skies are gazing on their one Creator
Universe in awe
Whole wide world in awe
Heart and soul in awe
Everything in awe
Everything in awe” – 

Key Scriptures: Psalm 147; Luke 15:11-32

Highlight : The story behind “Everything in Awe”

The artist’s corner : David Frey (Sidewalk Prophets)


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