One of the most important aspects of maintaining integrity as a Christian is the ability to have self-control. According to pastor Skip Heitzig, many Christians ask the wrong questions in regards to self-control. Such as:

“What can I get away with and still be a faithful believer?”

As Christians, we frequently wade into the grey areas of life and test the boundaries of sin. We attempt to find out how much we can get away with or how close to the boundary we can get before we run into trouble.

Skip suggests alternative questions that every Christian should be asking on a daily basis.

“How can I maximize my time and live for the utmost glory of God? What can I do that would please Him in this situation?

There is a huge problem with asking the question “How far towards the boundary can I go?”

“We’re still on the throne; it’s about pleasing ourselves and the more you please yourself, the less you’re pleased with what you do.”

As Christians, we should stay far away from the boundaries, heading in the other direction, toward the Lord. Seeking to please ourselves doesn’t lead to happiness, and we miss out on experiencing the pleasure of God.

As Christians, we get to spend time doing the activities that give us spiritual, God-breathed meaning and satisfaction in this life.

“When we maximize that, you know everything will fall into place like dominoes.”

Key Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 1:26-28; Daniel; Romans 12:1-2

Highlight : A new perspective on self-control

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