What does it mean to have a balanced life? So often we strive after the external markers of a balanced life at the cost of true balance.

Balance is not a put-together appearance, a perfectly-managed schedule or a life free of conflict and difficulty.

“Some who appear the most put-together are often the most imbalanced people.”

These are not the goal of a balanced life, but the fruit.

“As you start to prioritize your physical and spiritual health you may see the fruit of that. You may look more put-together because you are not running frantically, but that is not the ultimate goal. It maybe the fruit of a balanced life, but if it ends up being the end goal you can sacrifice a lot to be looking put-together.”

Those who make their schedule the goal often end up serving the schedule and forgetting to serve people.

“True balance has a flexibility and adaptability to it.”

A balanced life is one that has the priorities on God not self.

“When you prioritize your physical and spiritual health, your schedule will feel more doable and will have more margin in your life.”

What is true balance?

“It’s finding the high ground in every situation, whether in crisis or in times of peace. There’s a high ground for you; it’s the abiding life. It’s a place where we bear the most fruit. But there are tangible practical choices we can make in the physical and the spiritual realm, to strengthen our bodies and our souls so that we can last long and finish strong.”

Susie continues the discussion about what true balance is in her book .

Key Scriptures: James 3:18; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Highlight : The truth about balance

The art of balance

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