What happens when life takes a turn we didn’t expect? Author and pastor Laurie Short discusses the steps to take when our dreams take a detour.

“After several heartbreaking relationships, I finally got engaged when I was 42 yrs old. At that point I’d been speaking across the country and speaking to youth… people knew I  was single and finally found someone… my fiance got deployed. He left for nine months and in the course of that time…he ended up remarrying his ex-wife, which of course is a great story when you’re not the girl engaged to him. I think what made it so conflicting is that we all want marriages to get back together. I know that is God’s heart.”

Laurie wrestled with this journey and how God would ask her to walk through it. She found comfort in the stories of others and God slowly rebuilt her life.

“These are not uncommon stories because we’re a fallen people. God takes us through these valleys but “when you’re in the valley you have to know that your story is not over. He’s not going  to leave you there.”

Laurie’s healing journey has brought her into several new areas of growth, including

• Praying to feel God’s presence and peace.
• Why God hold back what we want in order to give someone else what they need.
• How to cope with doubts in the darkness
• Trust that the God who is holding you in the darkness is the same God who held you in the light.

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 50:10; Psalm 23:4; John 21:18

Highlight : Led where we don’t want to go

Finding faith in the dark

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