For many people, the only time they get on a scale is during their annual doctor’s visit—and only because they’re made to. Even then, I’ve watched as patients tend to divert their gaze with apprehension as the nurse proceeds to slide the metal bar back and forth to come to the “grand total”.

For those who do not like what they hear, year after year, the scale has become your foe—something to be avoided at all costs. But there are costs to rarely darkening the dials of a scale.  Gradual, continual weight gain is a scientifically proven to be a health stealer. By staying in the dark the whole year through about how much you actually weigh, you are unable to bring into check escalating weight gain before it really begins to build. Then, when you do find out your body weight at the time of your physical, you are overwhelmed with shock, regret and discouragement.

I am all for disease prevention—if you haven’t figured that out by now. And in order to prevent illness and preserve health, we need to do our best in keeping tabs on our “health markers”. Annual blood work, checkups and twice weekly weigh-ins are key to keeping your body in a breeding ground, if you would, for health and longevity.

So, make friends with your former enemy, the scale. It is simply a truth telling machine—reflecting back to you and your lifestyle choices, good or bad. Come to think of it as a well-meaning warning system, much like a hurricane or tornado warning system. The knowledge it gives you can be step one in saving your life from a storm of disease.

It time to get real with yourself. Walk to wherever your scale is stashed, get on it, open your eyes and look down. Now take that number back to the computer with you and follow this link to my BMI calculator: .

Let this information either be a wakeup call for calculated action or an affirmation that you are “in the zone” of health.

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