Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single, it’s not an easy thing to be in the dating world today and living out your faith.

Lauren Demoss, a popular writer at The Full Time Girl, has been speaking powerfully into the lives of young Christians on this tricky topic. She joined me for a wide ranging discussion on what it looks like to put God first in our relationships, and shared some bold truth on faith and finding that right person.

You can scroll to the bottom of the post to listen to our full interview, but here’s some great highlights first!

First off, we tackled the issue of what really makes us worthwhile. Is it simply the way we look or how fashion-forward we dress?! Lauren offered an emphatic no; it’s something far deeper and lasting. She explained how her faith informs her concept of true worth by pointing to the way her parents taught her about beauty.

True worth

A big part of Lauren’s ministry at The Full Time Girl is calling for her readers not to settle for anything less than God’s best for their lives. So I asked her if she thinks a lot of us are settling, and why it’s so important. We also talked about the unique pressures on single young people to ‘couple up’ at the earliest possible opportunity.

Settling and the pressure to couple up

There are times in our faith journey, particularly when it comes to relationships, that we can be tempted to let our own judgement win out over where we think God is directing us. But do we really know best? Or Does God? And who’s plan is better in the end?!

The best plan

Here’s our full conversation, with much more great insight on faith & relationships and living out our faith in a challenging time.

Lauren Demoss Full Interview

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