We all want to be better at something only to discover that the hard part isn’t in “knowing”—it’s in “doing.” That’s where we get stuck. The same is true about our financial situations. The reality is: Many of us miss the chance to make tomorrow better because we are not diligent with our financial decisions today.

It’s a fact that people manage their money based on what’s closest to their hearts or what’s most important to them. Take a look at your check registry or the receipts to your credit card expenditures for two or three months, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what your priorities are.

When we borrow money and pay high interest, we become a slave to the lender. We’re then held prisoner by our creditors and that keeps us from living an Intentional Life. Remember, it remains only “good intentions” if we don’t take the actions that produce the needed results. I have found that:

information + insight + action = an intentional life

By taking the information you have about your financial situation, and applying insightful principles to that information, you are ready to take action. Only when you take that next step of actually doing that next right ONE THING, can you ever achieve your goals.

Does the way you handle your money keep you from reaching your potential? Consider your own life today. Maybe, like most of us, you realize you could be more diligent. Decide today to become purposeful with your finances. Identify that one thing you can do today that will get you one step closer to your financial goals. Then take that step-one day at a time!

Intentional One Thing Challenge

If you could do ONE THING and know that it would make a significant, lasting, possibly life-changing difference in your life, would you do it? Dr. Carlson shares the power of ONE THING and why you should get started doing your ONE THING today.

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