We are all going to face anxiety in our lives at some point, and there’s one of two things we can do with it: pretend it doesn’t exist or hold it up and recognize that the anxiety is there for a purpose.

It’s up to us to decide how we want to handle it.

Difficult as it may be to understand at the time, everything in life happens for a reason, even anxiety. Anxiety showcases an opportunity to grow. However, sometimes Christians think having anxiety means there is something wrong with their faith or themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with having anxiety. What’s important is that you choose to grow and bring your anxiety to the light.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to grow from anxiety when the Christian community doesn’t respond well. It can be easier to throw a verse of encouragement, specifically Philippians 4:6, at an individual instead of doing the hard work of walking with them through their anxiety. Whether or not we deal with anxiety, we need to be open to listen and walk with those who do.

Anxiety often stems from common things in life like families, work, finances, life transitions and trying to make time for life.

Author Rhett Smith reminds us that God can work in everyday fear and anxiety to sanctify us. His book is 

He emphasizes that we have an active role to play in using anxiety for good.

“We can’t just wait on God to fix everything. As his people he wants us to play a role and to play a part. But that’s the think with anxiety, it can keep us paralyzed and captive. Sometimes breaking free from that is making a choice and being intentional.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 118:5Philippians 4:6-8

The anxious Christian 

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