To state the obvious… life is busy.

We are people on the go.  Always busy.  So busy in fact, that it’s hard to find that quiet time.  Time to spend with God.  It is on the list of things we would love to do but how?  When?

Between cooking, cleaning, work, parenting, meetings, soccer practice, t-ball, play dates and recitals? Where is the time?  But its more than just the time.  It’s the energy.  The fuel to keep us going.  What if the things keeping us busy are times we’re serving at church, in the community, or wherever.  Do we really take a break from serving?

I once heard a sermon that really stuck with me. The pastor described a server at a restaurant. Even a server, a waitress or waiter, has to stop to eat at some point.  They take breaks, they have time off.  If they didn’t take the time to be fed, eventually that server would run out of energy.  This paints a great comparison picture to discipleship.  If we don’t take moments to spend time in the Word, to have time with God, to be fed… we too will run out of energy.  How will we serve and feed others?

So take some time.  Stop and be fed.  Spend time with God and with His Word.

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