With more and more people realizing that government programs like Medicaid and Social Security will be come insolvent, baby boomers are having to find alternate means of employment after they retire from their regular careers.

What does this mean, and what does it look like for you? Should the church be more active in encouraging people to figure out their post-retirement plans?

Those are some of the questions Austin asked listeners to respond to.

Also, for those looking to pursue a part-time career as an independent contractor, Austin invited back to the program attorney Alex Kincaid.

Alex Kincaid is a former elected prosecutor in the state of Oregon, and today Kincaid’s private law firm consults businesses, individuals, and Christian organizations.

Kincaid provided some advice to independent contractors on how to keep their business ventures kosher with the government:

Highlight: Alex Kincaid

Update on the freelance services industry

Austin also updated us on the freelance services industry.

With freelance services like AirBnb, Uber, and Lyft getting hit from all sides by lawsuits from angry, long-entrenched companies in their respective industries, Austin provided some ideas on how you can become an entrepreneur without necessarily working through these companies.

Is there a retirement business in your future?

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