What does it mean to be a Christian man? Listen as David Delk of Man in the Mirror looks at how God wires, equips, and redeems the hearts of men.

David offers a sobering picture of our culture:

“So many men today are confused. And that’s because our culture is confused. In popular culture, we have this treating of men as the idiots… too many men have allowed the distractions of life to pull them away from the responsibility of leadership… it’s easier to latch onto video games or hunting [and] allow them to become more important than what God is calling them to do.”

David touches on several key areas every man struggles with:

• Identity: shame, distractions, and the unexamined life

• Significance.

“As men we know we were created for something important. And yet if we allow ourselves to be distracted, we give ourselves to the very things that don’t matter [or] show that significance.”

He shares that many men don’t use the biblical model of success in their lives – but the pragmatic model.

“As men we want to think we’re self-made – yet the very essence of the Scriptures is that we’re made to rely on God. Those two forces are fighting in every single man.”

• Intimacy with God.

• Contentment. David calls men to work hard regardless of their career and let that career shape their humility and character.

• Relationships. David says this is a subtle shift:

“A lot of men don’t realize the damage they’re causing” when they neglect their wives. “Your wife will be the person with you when you start out and the person with you when you finish. Make her your top priority after God.”

He invites men to take a breath and rest in God’s love for us. Perfection is impossible in this life, but that’s not what God asks of you.

“It’s okay that I’m not perfect yet. God can still use me as an imperfect man who is trying to, every day, rely on Him by faith.”

Key Scriptures: Matthew 22:29

Highlight : The un-examined life

Inside the heart of a man

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