Duncan Phillips has been a drummer for Newsboys for over 20 years. He credits the longevity of the band to the connection that the band members have with one another. He says the love they have for each other and the Lord keeps them together.

Newsboys pride themselves on making great music and putting on the best show they possibly can. A good band manager is a key to success:

You can be the best band in the world, but if you don’t have a good manager the band will fall apart.”

During their many years as a band, Newsboys came close to calling it quits at least once. The closest they ever came was in 2009 when lead singer Paul Colman left the band. They decided to stay together and invited Michael Tate to be the new lead singer.

Phillips describes how in order to make great music it must be real, relevant, and it must be able to break past the walls of the church and reach the world at large.

“We love the church but we have to be more than just preaching to the choir.”

What’s it like being a movie star?

Newsboys and their song “God’s Not Dead” was featured in a popular Christian movie of the same name. This movie helped them establish themselves as a force in the Christian music industry once again.

How can Christians engage a hurting and broken world?

Phillips says that as Christians we should “learn our stuff.” When we have conversations with someone who doesn’t believe, we should be able to give a great account for the faith we have.

Duncan Phillips of Newsboys

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