What is the connection between loving ourselves and loving others? Listen as Focus on the Family’s Dr. Greg Smalley discusses how to care for ourselves and how that can impact our relationships.

This is a very timely message for Greg. “My world has been completely turned upside down in this area.” Greg describes a recent retreat with Reinvent Ministries that he went on. The counselors walked through the power of personal growth over the course of four days. “It was so good to realize there are things going on that have kept me shut down [mentally, emotionally].”

Greg was refreshed spiritually and shares what he’s learned:

  • “Die to live.”
  • Live because of what Jesus did.
  • Encourage one another daily.
  • Pick up your cross daily.
  • Learn to love others in their comfort zone by stepping out of your own.

“I’m so passionate about marriage…and yet I was realizing that to have a healthy marriage you have to keep growing. We use the analogy of the monkey trap… I wouldn’t let [this baggage] go.”

God showed him how to release a past decision that had haunted him for twenty years and learn to live in the true freedom he has in Christ. Greg talks about the idea of true sacrifice. Rather than being a “dead man walking,” we are called to live and serve out of a place of love in Christ.

“Sacrifice is when you give up something you consider valuable and you give it up to someone that you consider more valuable.”

When we live fully alive, we can grow and become healthier as children of God and workers in the kingdom.

Highlight : Seabiscuit, and knowing who you are

How to maintain personal health

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