“I feel like something is knocking at my heart.” – Christy, a former vampire who came to Christ.

What gets in the way of us hearing God’s voice in daily encounters?

• Busyness

• Self-centeredness

• Fear of man

How can we overcome the fear of man? Evangelist Holly Melton shares what she’s learned. “The Holy Spirit knows these people better than I do. I have confidence that the Holy Spirit knows how to lead the conversation, and that omits the fear we have.” Holly says that, though she’s a very outgoing person, she often deals with fear and spiritual attacks right before she shares her faith. “I feel very lethargic [right as I’m getting ready to share my faith].”

Holly urges us to be ready. “I do believe the enemy is going to attack if you’re going to share Jesus with others.”

• Pray to God about your fears.

• James says if we lack wisdom and pray for it, He will give it to us. Pray that we can strengthen the relationship with this person, not destroy it.

• Pursue the person as a person rather than a project.

• Ask: “Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?” Holly then lists four L’s that she uses in evangelism.

  1. Listen to them.
  2. Learn about them.
  3. Love them – is my posture toward them one of respect and love? Am I calm enough to respond to them?
  4. Lead them to the Gospel; asking for permission first is a sign of respect.

Holly says so much of this comes down to our own heart posture. “The question really is, do you really believe there’s a heaven and hell? You’re either with God when you die or you’re without God when you die.” If we genuinely believe people will live forever without God, what are we waiting for?

Highlight : Reaching youth through a boy band

How to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead

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