Are you stressed out and tired by the end of the day?  Get home after a long day of work knowing you still have to put together a healthy meal for your family?  You might feel the same way your kids do every day when they are hungry, that “there’s nothing to eat” even though you didn’t even open the fridge or look in the cupboard!  You just don’t have the energy to figure out what to make, let alone have the energy to grab the pan from the bottom cupboard.

You have to try this!!  If nothing else, at least try it once, okay??  I found this blog the other day and the skies opened up and music rang out!  Basically, you are putting together 12 crockpot meals to freeze until you are going to use them.  The blogger makes it SOOOO easy by listing out the ingredients, showing you pics, and giving you a shopping list.  Costco didn’t have some of the ingredients, so I just ran to my neighborhood grocer for the rest.

Grab your family, head to the grocery store, and set aside an hour or two as you prep these meals together.

This past weekend, I did this with my husband and three daughters.  We spent two hours putting together 18 meals:

  • Everyone got a recipe I printed off
  • grabbed 3 ziplock baggies
  • wrote the name of the recipe on each bag with a Sharpie and their initial
  • put the ingredients in their 3 bags
  • sealed it, set it aside, started on another recipe

The reason for having the kids put their initial on their bag is because when it comes time to eat the meal they prepped, they got to choose what sides  we would have with it!  My girls loved getting to chime in that. We also printed off 6 more recipes that we doubled and prepped as well.  If you figure in eating out once or twice a week, and eating the leftovers, you would have prepped enough meals for a month!  Imagine that, not having to make a meal for a whole month!!!

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