If you look back at your biggest stresses and arguments in your marriage, they probably all boiled down to one thing: money.

How to earn it, how to spend it, and somehow, how to keep more of it!

Jeff Motske is a Certified Financial Planner and he has written the book,  .  He shares three tips:

  1. Create—and regularly update—a written financial plan.  A “budget” is not something that you can just set-and-forget!  My wife and I try to look ahead to the next few months, see what events are coming up (Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Vacations, Sports, etc) so we aren’t blindsided by any big costs and we can plan to move money around to pay for it.
  2. Don’t keep money secrets from your spouse.  It is way too easy to click that “buy now” button on Amazon, then try to sneak past your spouse when the UPS delivery person is at your doorstep 2 days later.  Have a set aside amount of “fun money” that you can spend on whatever and not feel any guilt.
  3. Don’t loan money to friends or family. DON’T!  Or, consider it a gift and move on.  Life’s too short to hold secret money grudges.

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