There’s a frustration parents have had for years and years…did I mention years??   You heard your parents complain about it, you complain about it, and your kids are going to complain about it one day too!  Kids go through shoes like nobody’s business!  You buy a pair of shoes only to pull your hair out a week later because their feet are hanging off the edge of their new flip flops or their little toes are smashed into the front of their tennis shoes that barely came out of the box.  It’s in households everywhere, right?!?

Now flip that around to a child in a poor country that outgrows their shoes, but mom and dad can’t afford to get them another pair of shoes (it probably was pretty hard to even provide them with the pair they have!).

Check this out The Shoe That Grows!  They have created a shoe with easy-to-clean materials like leather, compressed rubber, and snaps. They send them to countries like Ghana, Kenya, Haiti, etc.  The company has blown through their inventory and are now raising money for their next order of 5,000 shoes!

In case you are wondering, a donation of $10 will provide a pair of shoes to a child.  Maybe you are interested in the shoes that adjust 5 sizes and last 5 years for your own kids, they are available for $30. This seems to be a logical and practical way to help children overseas that I just had to pass on to you.


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