Carrie Rocha, author of Pocket Your Dollars, is here to share some tips for saving money and getting the most bang for your family’s buck this summer!

The Midwest is perfect for family vacations, and with many people looking to take shorter, less expensive vacations, Carrie says there are a lot of inexpensive things families can do in the region — for free. Here are a few of the tips she offered:

1. Fishing
Carrie says that fishing in many state parks across the upper midwest is free, and can be a very fun, easy activity for the whole family. Not all states allow residents to fish for free, but here are links to some helpful information for your next fishing excursion:

North Dakota
South Dakota

2. Geocaching
Carrie says that many state parks will actually rent things like geocaching equipment for cheap or even for free. What’s geocaching? Watch:

3. Free entertainment
From ski shows to bands, you don’t have to go to a theatre to be entertained. Carrie has listed some great free entertainment options on one of her blog posts, which you can click on here.

But for Minnesota residents (or those who’re interested in a short trip), the University of Minnesota’s Astrophysics Department has an amazing program that will allow your family to literally see into space with public viewings at the state’s observatory. You can find the schedule here.

You can hear Carrie’s full interview here:

Pocket your dollars – Summer edition



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