Every parent has been there, facing the heart breaking drama of a child who has lost their favorite cuddly. We move heaven and earth, retrace every possible step to find the lost object of security and love. Because we know that love changes us.

Just consider the mom who in 1985 bought 2 identical teddy bears for her son. She gave him one to love and one was placed in storage for when he became a father someday. His first child arrived recently and upon pulling the second bear from storage, he posted a picture of the two side by side. From many adventures and lots of cuddling it was a visible display of how love changes us.









Most amazing to me, is how often God uses us to be the love that changes. Recently, my friend and her daughter had just finished a day of errands only to discover her cherished Coyote was left behind somewhere. After many tears and phone calls, he was located at a local Target store. “Just come to customer service and he’ll be waiting for you,” they were told.

Upon arriving at the store, an employee’s kindness made the reunion even more joyful. A note was found with the coyote explaining his “adventure.”

I’m sure it’s not included in any company handbook as a standard operating procedure, it was just one person taking the time to change another with love.

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