Nearly a quarter of the US population is over 65.  So how can the millions of baby boomers spend their retirement years with meaning and purpose? Noted author and leadership trainer Hans Finzel and co-author Rick Hicks have penned a new book called . They join us on Connecting Faith to explore the path to a satisfying and meaningful retirement.

Hans and Rick offer some examples of opportunities for part time work and educational enrichment in retirement – including offerings from community centers and libraries. They believe that this unique period of life can be a chance to explore areas that you’d like to be in & truly enjoy – as opposed to things you need to do for your career. Indeed – this may be the best part of your life.

Retirement can also be a prime opportunity to pour your life into someone else. Millennials are particularly open to and – in fact – seeking input from their parents and grandparents. This can be a chance to fulfill the call to mentoring. Rick and Hans offer advice for churches on how to best support and encourage these type of mentoring connections.

We glance back at biblical examples of God at work through those in later life. Look at what He accomplished through Moses.

Hans and Rick also share helpful advice on boundaries for seniors when it comes to their relationships with children and grandchildren. They encourage candid communication on things like moving to be closer to loved ones.

For many people, fear of an uncertain future can play a big role in hanging onto pre-retirement jobs they don’t necessarily like. That line of thinking can lead to some real misery. Rick and Hans remind us that God is more than capable of taking care of us.

Highlight: 60 80 Window

Enjoying retirement to the fullest

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