How can we guard against spiritual warfare? Ray Pritchard returns to offer a battle plan for countering Satan’s tactics of war.

Ray likens spiritual warfare to the current threat of ISIS. “We’re now reading about lone wolf attacks in Paris, Ottawa…” Ray calls this aymmetrical warfare – several small attacks in indirect ways and situations.

“Satan doesn’t fight fair. He is the ultimate spiritual terrorist. We need to be equipped to win the battle.”

The discussion centers around the book of Ephesians. “Ephesians warns us don’t let the sun go down on your wrath – if you go to bed angry you’ll wake up enraged. In this area of dealing with your anger, there’s an idea of spiritual accountability.” Why does anger open the door to spiritual attack? Anger may indicate an area of our life that is not yet surrendered to Christ.

Ray mentions a few other ways we might open the door to spiritual warfare:

• Unresolved anger

• Busyness and overcommitment

• Focus on self

How can we counter Satanic attacks? Ray offers three tips.

1. Sing in praise to the Lord. Ray explains. “Music is a wonderful weapon of spiritual warfare. We know that music affects the body, the soul, the spirit.”

2. Scripture memory. “The best way to get the bad stuff out of your life is to get the good stuff into your life – a rushing torrent of the truth of God. When you take this Word of God and put it into your heart, it changes us. It transforms us from the inside.”

3. Community. Ray warns those who have a solitary mindset. We can’t do this alone, and if we stay alone we’re easy prey for the enemy.

Ray lists the weapons we can use in this battle:

• The belt of truth.

• The breastplate of righteousness.

• The shoes of the gospel of peace.

• The shield of faith.

• The helmet of salvation.

• The sword of the Word of God.

Highlight : Sing your way out of warfare

Discerning Satan’s war tactics

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