Yesterday I listened as the gal who cuts my hair described staying up all night as rainwater came in at her home’s foundation and began to run down the basement walls and saturate the carpet.

Today I saw a van parked in a driveway up the street from a local cleaning company and their workers pulling out the water vacuums to help a homeowner with their storm damaged walls and rugs.

Right now, or tomorrow, or next week you may find yourself next to or near someone who could really use some encouragement. As you look around where you live, are there some clues that you can pick up on that something is going on with a neighbor and help may be needed? You might be the one God has called to do something for them.

Sometimes we think there are so many big things we’d like to do in Jesus’ name. But what Jesus says is important is that we should show love to our neighbors. Literally, you may be able to use your hands and feet right now today to bless someone who lives next door or down the street who got water in their basement during the recent rains and is overwhelmed with the process of cleaning up.

Today, as she is dealing with water in the basement, Macey says on facebook a great way to help neighbors who know you is with the meals, or to watch their kids. Amy posts that muscle help is welcome relief for homeowners who are loading and dumping when there’s large stuff that’s getting tossed.

Your neighbors know you, or at least you’re not a complete stranger. When you knock on their door, you can offer friendly and trusted help.

Could you pick up groceries for them when you go to the store while they are mopping?

Can you mow their lawn?

How about running an errand or taking their dog for a walk?

Would you bring a meal, or even cookies you made or bought?

Just something simple.

You have probably heard it before: Love is spelled t-i-m-e.

In a busy world where everyone is stretched thin, taking a little bit of your time to reach out to a next door or down the street neighbor may just bring Christ’s love to them and open a door to His love in a way you could never have imagined.

How can you be a neighbor right now, today, or tomorrow?

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