What if …

What if He wants to use you?

What has The Lord called you to do to draw people to Him?

What thing has he brought you through as a testimony of His faithfulness?

What gifts have you been entrusted with to point others to the Savior?

What story do you have that needs to be told?

What healing have you received that needs to be shared with someone?

Our breath, past, present, gifts, hurts, successes, lessons are all pieces of our lives that can be used to give honor and glory to God if we let them. What good are they if we keep them inside?

Sometimes we hide our gifts for fear that they are not good enough in comparison to others.

Sometimes we think our brokenness is beyond repair.

Sometimes we think our story is just that…a story.

But what if David never wrote a song for fear that someone would judge him?

What if Solomon never shared his wisdom for fear that he wasn’t hearing right?

What if Moses never led for fear of those who would resist his leadership?

What if Esther never spoke up for her people for fear of her life being taken?

What if Nehimiah never rebuilt the wall?

What if Abraham never went into the unknown?

What if Nahman stopped dipping after the 3rd time?

What if the Israelites didn’t test the water that day?

What if?

What if those who have gone before us didn’t risk the unknown?

We wouldn’t have their stories to inspire us or to exemplify faith in action.

Faith is being sure of all we hope for inspite of what our eyes cannot see. Faith is daring to risk the unknown in obedience to our creator for the benefit of more than just ourselves.

David didn’t know that his songs would be a comfort to you and me thousands of years later.

Moses didn’t know that his obedience would free an entire nation from bondage.

What you don’t know should not keep you from risking giving hope, life and healing to another.

Use your gifts, tell your story, point to your Savior… It’s why you are here.

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