God can empower us to be courageous in every circumstance. Worship leader Mark Alan  has some thoughts about being brave.

“There’s something unique that happens in Moses’ story.” Moses was credited with courage not because he led God’s people through the sea, or received the Ten Commandments, or split a rock, but because he chose to live in “obscurity” among God’s people.

Mark makes the following points in between songs “Through the Valley,” “Peace Be Still,”Crown Him Jesus,” “Jesus You Remain,” and “Light a Fire”:

  • Bravery starts with the small decisions we make every day.
  • Bravery means hearing God in private and obeying Him in public.
  • Bravery means “leaning forward” into faith and trusting God. “Moses would never have left Egypt otherwise – to live bravely is to respond in faith.”
  • Bravery is not just something to be kept in yourself but passed on to the next generations. Mark points to the story of Moses and Joshua – Moses trained Joshua for decades before passing the leadership position on to him.

“Our call is not to a checklist but to be responsive to the sound of His voice. Our confidence is knowing that if we listen to His voice he will guide us and direct us the whole way through. Your platform won’t grow beyond what your character can handle. Know that God is always right on time and He has plans to give you a future and a hope. The best days are not behind you. The best days are yet to come.”

Highlight : True bravery is in the simple

The source of true courage

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