Life may not have a “reset” button, but we can offer a “reset” prayer. Evangelist Nick Hall  shares how to refocus our minds on God:

“All of us in our day to day routine need a reset. I need to be going out, to be giving and living the mission but I need to be coming back in [for] community, time on my knees, time in my prayer closet. There is a reset for you and Jesus is the answer.”

Nick points to the pattern of brokenness we see in Scripture:

• Moses wasn’t a great speaker

• Jonah ran from God

• Noah got drunk

• Jeremiah was depressed

• John the Baptist ate bugs

• James and John were prideful

• Sarah was barren

• Timothy was too young

• Lazarus was dead

If God can use each of these people, He can use you.

“All God asks of us is a response. He makes Himself available to each and every one of us.” Nick uses technology and household appliances as an illustration. “Everything around me has a reset button. I love the idea that when something’s broken, they’re something you can hit and it gets things working again! We are created for a new beginning – ultimately, Jesus is the ultimate reset.”

Nick names some barriers that can prevent us from coming to God for a reset.

• Comparison

• Pride

• A thirst for what’s new, current, or trendy instead of solid, timeless truth

Nick points to the grace of God as the movement behind our spiritual resets. “When I look back at the amazing things that have happened, all I really did was surrender to Jesus and respond.”

Highlight : Everyone needs a reset

The “reset” prayer

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