A leading child adoption advocate says that Christian couples and families are leading the way towards towards better care for orphans.

“Data is showing that practicing Christians are adopting at more than twice the rate of the American populace in general” says Jed Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO).” There’s a surge” he said during his recent visit to Austin Hill in the Morning.

“As I travel around the country, talking with folks all over, there’s this desire to really embrace the pure and faultless religion that James describes (in the New Testament).”

Medefind says that carrying out this scriptural admonition – found in James 1:27 – can involve many different activities.

“It looks like adoption, both local and international…It looks like foster care and mentoring of kids locally, it looks like supporting churches in other parts of the world and caring for orphans. It’s really something you could call a trend, or maybe even a movement. It’s exciting to see.”

Medefind further notes:

“What every child really most needs is love and belonging. We see that in the US, but overseas as well. There’s such pressing physical need in many countries, that the effect of HIV/AIDS has ripped apart the social safety net in many countries, so there’s a desperate need there as well. What I just encourage people is, I say ‘not every Christian is called to adopt, not every Christian is called to foster.’ There’s certainly great need in those realms, but every Christian can play a role. That can look like supporting families in your church that are fostering or adopting, being a surrogate grandparent, or running errands, or helping with yard care, or being a mentor for kids in the foster system.'”

Listen to my full discussion with Jed Medefind below, and learn more about the CAFO by clicking here.

“There’s a surge:” adoption advocate says Christian families providing more orphan care

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