What does it take to launch and sustain a career in an economy that seems to only offer part-time work?  Robert Dickie III has answers and insights from his own experience leaving the so-called security of a corporate position to launch a new career as an entrepreneur. His book is:+ .

Robert refers to the recession in 2008 as ‘the year that changed the game’. It not only changed the business mentality nationwide, but made an substantial impact on the entire economy. While living in the epicenter of the economic change in Detroit, MI., Dickie shares about his personal journey in following God’s path in the midst of financial uncertainties. The economy we are entering into today is structurally different and offers primarily more part-time and freelance work, rather than full-time employment with benefits. So how can we launch ourselves into a part-time work and still make a comfortable living?

In a world of constant change, we are reminded that God will remain the steady rock we can stand on.  If we would simply follow God’s plan for our lives, we will be taken care of and provided for no matter what economic crisis we may face.

“God has ordained a special plan in each of our lives”

God’s greatest gift to us is the reconciliation to Himself through his son Jesus Christ, and as a result; we can truly identify with who He has called us to be. No matter where we are working, we can be good stewards of what God has set before us will diligence, integrity and excellence. We are also made aware to the dangers of complacency;

“Be content but don’t become complacent”

So what is our inner most motivation? If it’s anything other than pleasing to God, we could find ourselves in a world of self-centeredness and idolatry. Our motivation should be to put others before ourselves and continuously seek His kingdom first.

“The safest place you can be, is to seek and follow the will of God for your life”

Anything can happen in our economy, but God’s promises for our life don’t change. We can be anchored in Him to withstand every storm that comes our way.

Robert shared advice on 4 equally important anchors to help us with The Leap;

  • Mental
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Spiritual

By maintaining a healthy frame of mind, creating financial margin, taking care of our physical and spiritual health; we can be well on our way to embracing the calling upon our lives and freely giving of what is required.

God has the ability to take care of us and open doors of opportunity that we couldn’t ask for or imagine. Whether you are a full-time, part-time or freelance worker, find benefit from the biblical and encouraging perspectives shared on today’s Connecting Faith.

More information and helpful resources can be found at www.robertdickie.com

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