When you open up your wallet, what do you really see? When you open it up and see money and see credit cards, do you see your hopes and your dreams? Are you reminded of your fears? Does it remind you of all your debt?

You say to yourself, “If only I was financially free…”

Throughout the Bible, Jesus teaches about money. In the Gospel of Luke, one out of seven versus talk about money, while money is discussed in 11 of the 39 parables.

Why does God put so much emphasis on these teachings?

God has given us everything we own. He wants us to use the money as a tool instead of a treasure.

How can we keep away from the love of money?

Paul gives us some guidelines in 1 Timothy:

  1. Realize that one day riches will be gone
  2. Be content with what we have
  3. Monitor what we are willing to do to get more money
  4. Love people more than money
  5. Love God’s work more than money
  6. Freely share what you have with others

Shifting focus to building up treasures in Heaven through our works instead of building them here on Earth. Trust God, take that walk in faith with Him.

Remember in the Lord’s Prayer, “give us this day our daily bread”? Father, just enough bread today God to get through the day. Not more, that I might hoard it, stock pile it for my own personal use. I need to let that start ruling my heart.

That’s a tough prayer to pray because what if He answers it? That means you are going to have to trust Him.

It’s a lot easier to trust God when the bank account is over flowing. But that’s not trust at all.

Trust is when your bank account is not overflowing, but you know His always is.

Dear Father, we understand everything we have is a gift from you. You’ve given us everything you wanted each of us to have and have said to us–“Will you return this to my glory? Will you use it for my glory?”

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