Do you need a spiritual reset? Let’s look at four issues that hinder our faith:


Jesus says His yoke is easy and His burden is light – when we feel fatigue, it’s often because we’re doing something God never called us to do. Spend some quiet time with a journal and your Bible and ask Him to show you where His grace is lifting – maybe you’re doing something right now that is no longer necessary.

The opinions of others

Ask the Lord to show you who has become your god – which person in your life affects your deep-seated joy? Whose opinion matters more than God’s in your mind? Take some time praying and considering those closest to you. God puts people in our lives who possess wisdom and can teach us things about Him but they are never meant, and were never designed, to take His place in your life.


When Satan comes at you with unrelenting attack, it can feel like you’re drowning in your circumstances. We can anchor ourselves in the midst of frustrations by actively, consciously submitting ourselves back to God, as a private in an army, and choosing to keep our eyes fixed on God instead of our circumstances. James 4:7 challenges us to follow this principle – when we get back in rank, suddenly we have authority to resist Satan.


Whatever is not done from faith is sin. When we understand that God has not given a spirit of fear, we can accurately see what is happening in our lives and operate according to His leading instead of our own insecurities.

Highlight : Guarding against spiritual warfare

Reset day

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