“Get healthy, for heaven’s sake.”

Lisa Morrone, licensed physical therapist, author, professor – and a regular on the Faith Radio – is fond of reminding us that caring for one’s health is a matter of Christian stewardship. Today on Austin Hill In The Morning she reminded us that our bodies need certain types of fats, and we need to include them in our diet.

“There are those who I think of being the healthy un-healthies” she stated. “I see them at the gym frequently. People get this idea that all fat substances are bad so they cut them out of their diet, but then their hair begins to fall out or their skin shows a deficiency. We need to be careful about what we are eating, but also about what we are avoiding.”

She says that a good rule of thumb is to remember that bad fats tend to be solid at room temperature. “Things like mayonnaise and butter and cheese, those tend to be the bad fats” she says. She also warns against simply “cutting out” any consumption of bad fat foods altogether.

“I’m not a ‘rules gal’ so I have some mayo or cheese sometimes” she says. ” But I keep these things to a minimum in my diet, and I suggest others do as well.”

Morrone notes that women in particular have struggles with “fats,” because of an obsession in our culture with being thin.

Good fats & bad fats

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