Your body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, and caring for it can be a spiritual act of worship. It can be fascinating to see how God will use everything in your life to bring Him glory!

For Clark Bartram, that was his fitness background. “God met me where I was – specifically through me challenging Him. I thought because I was a nice guy, that was good enough. All of what I was doing in life was not enough to earn my way into heaven. I had to accept the salvation that was being presented to me that night. The knocking on my heart, the pounding in my soul was so alive that night – it was such a magical moment for me in my life.”

Clark has some tips for those who want to start caring for themselves.

• Determine your “why” – what is your end goal in caring for yourself? Is it to compete with other men or women? Is it as an offering to the Lord who redeemed your body?

• Set realistic goals for shaping and toning your body – a drastic change in a short period of time is unhealthy and unrealistic. “The perfect body does not exist, but a path to health does. Success manifests in different ways for different people.”

• Throw away the scale. “We’ve emphasized the outer appearance so much that we don’t put any bearing on what a great parent, worker, friend we are.”

• Recognize that stressing over your fitness and diet will make things worse. “Do not stress; do not think you have to start over if you stumble.”

• Hydrate! “You need to drink more water. Water is vital to life, period.”

Highlight : Seek health, not perfection

The connection between faith and fitness

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