My wife and I used to do some HEAVY couponing.  We were one of “those” people.  Many times we’d come home with bags of items, which not only did we get for free, sometimes the store would credit our bill for certain transactions.

One thing started happening.  Even though we were keeping our monthly grocery budget at record-low levels, our eating habits started suffering.  All of a sudden, we had nearly unlimited amounts of candy, snacks, pizzas, and pop (soda) on-hand.  And if it’s around, I eat it, even if it’s not great for me.

Unfortunately, most coupons are for unhealthy food.  Coupons for fresh meat and produce don’t exist for the most part.

Now, we still coupon regularly but we use much more discretion.  Instead of loading up with unhealthy food because it’s crazy-cheap, we pass.

My point: don’t sacrifice your health for frugality.  Trust me, I’m ALL about saving money and living below your means.  However, nothing is worth your health…not even coupons.  Make eating healthy foods a priority.

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