The new employment stats for December 2014 were released recently, and the numbers looked pretty darn good. From Forbes:

Employers added 252,000 jobs in December, according to the latest payroll report out Friday morning from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That figure is somewhat stronger than economists’ forecast that 240,000 jobs would be added. The unemployment rate, which is drawn from a different survey of households, moved down to 5.6%, the lowest level since the recession and a greater than expected decline from last month’s 5.8%.

The November payroll count initially came in at 321,000 jobs added, far stronger than anticipated, and was revised even higher Friday to 353,000. The October figure was also bumped from plus 243,000 to plus 261,000. Total employment gains in October and November were therefore 50,000 greater than what BLS — a division of the Department of Labor — previously reported. Average monthly payroll gains for 2104 were 246,000 compared to just 194,000 in 2013. January is now the only month of 2014 with…

Austin explained why those numbers aren’t quite as good as they seem, and what it means for you.

He also noted the fact that nearly one third of the U.S. population lives in a family where at least 1 person is completely unemployed. Although people may be trying to find jobs, it can be very difficult, as evidenced by listener Matt:

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Are people in your family adequately employed?

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