Do you make time each day to connect with God? Why or why not?

Here are some of the things Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, suggests doing to help get (and stay) connected:

• Create a pattern. It’s never too late to start! “The most important thing is that you’re consistent. That you meet with the Lord every day.”

• Pick a place where you can do your reading.

• Keep a journal handy in case you’d like to make notes on what you’re discovering.

• Write down what the passage says. List the facts. Note what you can learn from it and apply to your life today.

• Give yourself grace! Some days you may have more time to read and reflect than others. Know that God’s love doesn’t waver with your schedule.

Anne points out that this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our times reading the Bible will look differently but the important thing is keeping that connection with Christ through His Word and His promises.

“To be in it and to eat of it is to be spiritually healthy. If you’re hungry for the Word, then you need to get into it.”

Satan knows how powerful we become when we know God’s Word and live an active walk of faith. Anne calls us to be alert and aware of his schemes and attempts to derail us.

“The devil will make sure that we’re so busy and have so many things that come at us that we can’t see the big picture. We live in very dangerous times but very strategic times.”

Anne calls us to pray, dig into God’s Word, and keep it as our plumb line no matter what comes.

Highlight : The effects of studying the Word

Why do we need to know the Bible?

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